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Hi, We have the New Universal Login set up for our site, and would like to use the template from Customize Login Page to have have more control over the page. But found that the default template provided by Auth0 for New Universal Login and Custom Login are quite different, particularly in the way signup is implemented. Please suggest which is the best way to have an exact replica of the New Universal Login in the place of template.

New Universal Login

Custom Login Template

Hey there!

I’m not sure if I understand your idea. Let’s say we are talking about login page. You have code for default template and you can pick Lock, Lock(passwordless) or Custom Login Form (you have access to all these options code). I don’t understand what’s the core question here? :slight_smile: Sorry if I understand your question the wrong way

Hi, Sorry my question is not clearly framed.

Previously we had New Universal Login for our app, where clicking on the Don’t have an account? Sign up redirects to a /u/signup page.

Currently, our team has decided to go with the Custom Login Lock/Custom Login Form template to have more control over the login page. But in both these templates sign up is implemented in the same control. Is it possible to have sign up as link here, like we have in New Universal Login? If so, what should be the redirect URL? Am trying to achieve the same UI as New Universal Login using the Lock form. Is that possible?

Do let me know if I should provide more information.

hi. Did you get a chance to look into this thread again?

I have the same problem here. Let’s hope we can have a response.


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me too having same problem . . . . .