New universal login and custom URLs for user signup


using the new universal login and page templates I would like to have a URL for the login and a different one for user signup.

This page says this is supported " using page templates and a custom-built password reset or signup page".

Using the management API I can get and update the login page.

How can I save a custom signup page using the management API or the auth0-deploy-cli tool?



Hi @gualtiero.testa,

Thanks for the question.

You can create a custom signup page using the API or lock widget by following the guide in this doc:

Thanks @dan.woda for the link.
Unfortunately this document does not refer to the NEW universal login with page templates (Liquid templates) and the management API I was asking for.
I would like to understand how to implement what it is declared supported in the “New Universal Login vs. Classic Universal Login” page I linked above.


You will need to create your own signup page, and link to it using Customize New Universal Login Pages templates.

The point in the doc you linked is simply saying you can create your own custom pages (you host) and link to them from the login page by updating the page template.

For example, you can add a link in the footer for your self hosted custom signup or pw reset page. It may also be possible to replace the existing signup or pw reset links with some JS, but we don’t officially support changes within the widget.

Thanks @dan.woda . I get it now.

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