Custom signup Url with New Univesal Login


When I use page template (Lock template) to display custom signup URL in New Universal Login, I gets an error - I cannot use Organization with Classic Universal Login, even though it’s clearly mentioned here - New Universal Login vs. Classic Universal Login

Any idea how can I solve this?


If you are using the Lock Template (Login template under Branding > Advanced Options), this means you are using the Classic Universal Login on pages that are customized. Classic Universal Login doesn’t support the Organizations feature.

I agree that the UI might be a little confusing:

As you can see, even though the New Universal Login Experience is selected, there’s a yellow banner saying One or more pages are using custom HTML to override the Universal Login experience.

This means that one or more templates (Login, Password Reset, Multi-Factor Authentication) use custom HTML, forcing these pages to use the Classic Universal Login experience.

To use the New Universal Login experience, you will need to disable the Login template customization.

Then you can use Auth0 No-Code Editor to customize the New Universal Login, or you can Customize New Universal Login via Management API.

I hope this helps!

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Hi @art.stupels, I looked into “Auth0 No-Code Editor” before but didn’t see any variable to change signup action link (I found variable to change signup action link text - not url).

Not sure if I can change Signup Url directly into custom page template but for that I must use Custom Domains using Mgmt API but since I am on trial version, I cannot use custom domains!

To give you a little background, I am making a PoC for all business requirements and this is the last remaining thing.

I would be grateful for any help getting this over the line.

Hello @parthp,

Unfortunately, you are correct, and the only option to add a custom signup link using the New Universal Login is updating a Login template (e.g. placing the custom Signup link in the footer and disabling the registration at the connection level via Auth0 Dashboard), which requires a custom domain.

The custom Domains feature is available on all paid plans. Under some circumstances, we can sometimes enable the Custom Domains feature while you are on your Trial period.

Another option is switching to Classic Universal Login, which allows configuring the Custom Signup Link even without the Custom Domain. This might not suit you, as Organizations are unsupported in the Classic Experience.

Lock Configuration Options > signUpLink


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