Status 302 after login


I have used this auth0 extension in TYPO3 site. 15 days ago, Login page is working properly.
But in last 15 days login page not working.

After login the call back is not working means after login the page not redirect into our dashboard page. when i have checked in network, shown the 302 status in all the request.

Screenshot :

i have checked in my auth0 account and shown this notification -

So my 302 status issue is related to this Scheduled Database Maintenance work.

Can you please help me in this ? i need an urgent solution for this issue.

Thanks !

Hi @pradeep.nitsan,

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You should not still be affected by the scheduled maintenance that occurred, and I suspect there is a different reason why your logins are not working. Would you be able to DM me a .har file of a failing login attempt? Instructions on capturing a .har file can be found here: Generate and Analyze HAR Files

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