SSO with biometrics in a web wrapper app on iOS

I am currently trying to integrate auth0 sso into an existing workflow. The existing workflow is an iOS wrapper application with minimal functionality which loads in a website using Laravel. Currently, the application uses a standard username + password form and no MFA. Our company has asked for us to implement Auth0 MFA and to enable FaceID/TouchID on the iOS wrapper app.

Based on my initial exploration, I have not noticed any examples of this type of workflow in the docs. I am mainly struggling with how to either get auth0 on the device to send its authentication information to the website and bypass the route protection using the user object from the wrapper app, or getting the laravel auth0 sdk to accept FaceID and TouchID from the application.

Does anyone know if there are relevant examples of similar workflows or if there is a standard way to accomplish this type of cross-platform authentication?

Hi @isaiah_fisher,

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Are you using Auth0 New Universal Login for the wrapper app? And do you have an
Enterprise agreement with Auth0? If so, you can implement WebAuthn.

To enable Passwordless with WebAuthn Device Biometrics, you need to:

  1. Make sure the New Universal Login experience is enabled and that the HTML for the login page is not customized in Dashboard > Universal Login.
  2. Select Identifier First + Biometrics in the Dashboard > Authentication Profile. This will automatically enable WebAuthn with Device Biometrics in the Multi-Factor authentication section if it is not enabled yet.

Hope this helps!

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