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Biometric authentication.

We are currently utilizing Auth0 in our mobile application, employing the Resource Owner Password for user authentication and authorization. Our goal now is to enhance user convenience by offering a biometrics login option, replacing the need for users to enter their email and password each time they log in. We’ve already implemented a secure user identification system using face ID, Touch ID, and fingerprint recognition via native key store management on both Android and iOS platforms.

However, the challenge we’re currently facing relates to obtaining a new Auth0 token from the backend for users who have already been authenticated through biometrics by our system (both on the front end and back end). Is there a possible solution for accomplishing this without implementing new universal login/ webAuth flow.

Hi @muhammad.tayyab,

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From what I can find, you cannot currently use webauthn/biometrics with an embedded login.

And for exchanging for a token, generally this requires authentication of the user (with an email/password, for example), or some existing session like (refresh token, etc.).

There’s no current way to generate a user’s access token from, say, the management API.

Hope that helps!

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