Biometrics with SSO

Is it possible to implement biometrics (fingerprint, FaceID, or TouchID) to authenticate with SSO? Our users like Auth0 and the added security but they still want to use biometrics to easily access their account through our app. We are using Java for Android and Swift for iOS with Universal Login.

My idea was to use Smart Lock with Android and KeyStore with iOS to store the user’s credentials during initial login within the app with authenticating with biometrics while at the same time authenticating the user with Auth0 bringing them into the app. On subsequent logins the user would just have to authenticate using biometrics which would send their saved creds to Auth0 to verify them bringing them into the app.

So far what I’ve read in the Android documentation mentions the use of biometrics to authenticate however I do remember reading documentation that stated this isn’t possible with SSO. Is that correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

An Auth0 newbie

Hey there!

Unfortunately got bad news for you. I researched through our stack and it seems that the only option we have in terms of biometrics is when using Swift SDK. Here’s the doc for that:

However i highly suggest filing in a feature request for that using our product feedback form here: