Social Connections on custom UI

How to determine which Social Connections are enabled in connections settings when I implement custom UI?

Hey there @geldev!

Can you share more context around what you’re trying to build and which parts of our stack you use to achieve that?


On social connections page (image below) you can enable different providers.

then on Universal Login settings i’ve selected custom login form

to add google login button i need add following to my HTML

But i’d like to know how can I determine using JavaScript if there are any other social connections enabled in connections settings (image 1), so I could dynamically include them to the HTML of my custom login form

Gotchya! Let me research the topic and get to you back as soon as I find out something!

Quick status update. I wasn’t sure initially if it’s doable at all with JavaScript but I think you can try leveraging our Management API get_connections endpoint to achieve that result:!/Connections/get_connections

Let me know if that’s what you’re looking for!

That endpoint requires authentication. That’s why I believe that we are not allowed to use it on public page

Totally forgot about this, yep that’s correct! So I’m not sure if there’s actually a way to achieve that.