Pre-selecting custom oauth2 connection on login

Hi there,

We have setup a custom social connection, which uses oauth2.

I know how to pre-select things like Google (using google-oauth2), or Microsoft (using windowslive), but I cannot figure out how to pre-select our custom connection.

It’s a requirement of the platform we’re using to be certified that we are able to invoke their login, and we use Auth0, so want to keep the flow through that.

I’ve tried the conn_xxxxxxx ID in the connection param, that doesn’t work and comes back that the connection isnt’ enabled.

How can I dot his?

Oh of course, the moment I post this I figure it out.

I didn’t realise the name of the connection was a valid value, i.e. we had a capitalised name for it.

For future people like me, you just use the “name” you set in the connection.

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