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I have setup a NUXT application, and I am utilisaing a custom social connection, which is strava.

The initial signup experience is working as expected. The user is prompted to sign in with strava.

When i go to sign in with the same account, I am always prompted to authorize.

How can I ensure the user is not always asked to re-authorize?

THanks in advance!


Hi @jaffa80,

To clarify, you are being asked to reauthorize with strava, or reauthorize you auth0 app?

HI Dan

The user has already authorized my app to access Strava details. When the user logs in a second time, or from another device, they are prompted to enter their strava credentials as expected.

Once the do this, I expect them to be redirected back to my app, however, they are asked to re-authorize on Strava each time.

Hope this makes sense. My app is at


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I did some testing and it looks like this might be related to the requested scopes. Can you try adding the read and profile:read_all scope and see if that fixes it?

HI Dan,

Thanks, this worked a treat! Thanks for your help. It is greatly appreciated!

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Glad that fixed it. Nice app by the way :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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