Strava Custom Social Connection Invalid Redirect URI

Hi there,

I’ve created a custom social connection for strava and, for local development, need to have my local login callback as my redirect uri (in my case, localhost:3000/login/callback). I’ve configured this redirect uri in Auth0 & configured localhost:3000 as my authorized callback domain in strava.

I’ve debugged so far that the redirect uri being configured by lock/Auth0Provider is correct, and that it’s correct in the lock page, by printing config.redirectURI. However, when I click the “Connect with Strava” button on lock, it generates url to strava with https:///login/callback instead of http://localhost:3000/login/callback. I’m not sure who’s generating this URL or why it’s being generated this way, so I’m unable to use Strava as an identity provider, which is going to be a huge usability problem for the app I’m building.

Can anyone help me understand why the call to Strava’s authorize endpoint is being generated incorrectly?

Sorry, I can’t edit my post, but https:///login/callback should be https://my-auth0-domain/login/callback