Every login requires re-authorization

I have a custom social login created for a Strava account. Every time a user signs into my application using the custom social login they are asked to re-authorize their account with the social provider (Strava). Any ideas why this might be happening and prevent this?

Hi @mwbhtx,

You can force the consent prompt by passing certain params, that could be happening by accident. For Strava, it looks like that param is approval_prompt=force.

Take a look at the request in DevTools → Network and see what is happening.

Feel free to DM me a HAR of the request too and I can take a look.

Thanks for looking into this Dan, that was in fact the issue. I was already unknowingly passing approval_prompt=force on accident causing the authorization form to always be shown lol. I didn’t want this form to be shown, so per Strava documentation I changed this to approval_prompt=auto.

No problem! Glad we were able to find a resolution.

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