Social buttons are disabled on Sign Up screen

I’ve added Social Connections to my app. And it works great on Log In tab, but when I open Sign Up tab - all social buttons are disabled.

How can I fix this and have these buttons enabled on Sing Up tab?


Hi @borisbsu

Since you likely have the mustAcceptTerms: true in your Lock configuration, the signup is only available after you select the checkbox, so those buttons are not enabled before that action.

It looks like you’re using an older version of Lock in your Universal Login page, since the socialButtonStyle was removed in 2019 ( lock/ at master · auth0/lock · GitHub ) so it would also be a good idea to update to a newer version, since it has had a lot of new features added and bugs fixed: lock/ at master · auth0/lock · GitHub


Thanks Ricardo for the help!

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We are here for you Barys!

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