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Can we move the signup terms to above the social signup buttons?



I’ve set mustAcceptTerms: true in my Lock.js and whilst the functionality is good, the social signup buttons are greyed out until the user accepts the terms. This is fine, but as the terms are at the bottom of the form users won’t see it. Instead they’ll see the inactive social buttons and assume they are broken.
It will only be after they fill in their details for the old style username/password signup that they will tick the button, and I can imagine seeing the social logins become active then will cause frustration.
I feel like this could be fixed by moving the terms checkbox and text to the top of the signup form, but I don’t know how to achieve this with Lock.js (I’m using the hosted page, if that makes any difference)
![alt text][1]


To my knowledge there’s no configuration setting that would allow to achieve what you describe. As a personal opinion, what you describe does seem to beg for further analysis because it can be a possible source of confusion, in particular when having additional signup fields that push terms even further down. I would consider raising this situation directly in the Auth0 Lock GitHub repository as an issue so that it can be further reviewed.