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Hide social signup options at signup tab and keep them at login



Is it possible to hide social options at signup and stil keep them at login tab?


If you’re showing Lock with both tabs enabled then I don’t believe there’s a supported way to achieve that.

Although you can override the allowedConnections at the time you call show this would only be of help if you had two ways to trigger Lock, one for login (which would allow all connections) and another for signup (which would restrict the connections only to the username/password one). Complementing the previous option with the ones that allow to only enable either the login or the signup section you would meet your requirement.

However, it seems that what you want is more to show Lock with both the login and signup sections available and then let the user switch between them while still seeing different behavior in terms of available connections; in this scenario, besides trying to hack it through manually hiding HTML elements (not recommended) when the signup ready event is triggered I’m not aware of any way to accomplish it.