SMTP Custom Email provider: "From" address not used

Hello !

I’m trying to setup a custom email provider through SMTP, with Gmail. The mails are successfully sent, but they use the email address of the “Username” instead of the “From” one… How can I fix this ? Thanks!

Hi @thomas.beznik,

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I am looking into this query and will get back to you soon.

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Hi @thomas.beznik ,

I tested SMTP Gmail provider and could repeat the same. The email was sent from the email address in the “username” field, not the “From” field.

I believe this is the expected behavior as of the current design form SMTP Gmail provider.

Please feel free to raise a feature request on our community feedback page. Hope we can attract more votes to get this implemented soon.

If you need the email to be extracted from the “From” field, you may use such as, for which the username is not email address though.

Please feel free to reach us if any other queries. Thanks!

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