Skip login if user already signed into google account on browser

Webapp using auth0, in the classic universal login in screen, i want to skip the sign in with google if the user is already logged in with google in the browser.

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In order to more accurately answer your question I’d like to know - do you only have a Google Connection enabled for your application, or do you also allow for other connections (such as Database, Github, or something else)?


@joseantonio.rey, thank you!

As far as social logins, we have a Connection enabled with Facebook as well, but i don’ think that is even used. We also have a SAML enterprise connection enabled, that one is used.

Hey @lucas3,

The biggest problem that we have here is that we don’t know if the end-user is already logged into Google without initiating a federation request to Google. This means that you would have to redirect all users to Google first, and then, if they cancel, they would be able to log in with that connection.

If you only had the Google connection and didn’t use any others, you could use the connection parameter in your /authorize request to automatically redirect to Google for all users.

Thanks @joseantonio.rey,

that clears up some confusion i had. if i need more help ill open a new and more specific topic.

thanks again!

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