Signup vs Create User APIs. Which to use?

I’m new to Auth0 and working on a web application that will have a custom signup form using the Auth0 APIs. While going through the documentation there seems to be two possible ways I could create the user account in my connection database. There is the “public” Management API Signup /dbconnections/signup and the “private” Management API Create a user /api/v2/users. Can someone explain the difference better these two and when to use one vs. the other? Thanks.

The two APIs are categorized as the public Authentication API, and the secured Management API.

If you have a custom sign up/login page in your application, you can simply use the public /dbconnections/signup endpoint. The Management API /api/v2/users is mainly used by backend services or administrative applications which may need to create users in advance, or without them explicitly signing up. Because this is a secured endpoint, Management API calls require a valid access_token to be generated and passed as the bearer token.

Taken from the Management API explorer:

This document describes the Auth0
Management API, which is meant to be
used by back-end servers or trusted
parties performing administrative
tasks. Generally speaking, anything
that can be done through the Auth0
dashboard (and more) can also be done
through this API.

This API is separate from the publicly
accessible Auth0 Authentication API,
which is meant to be used by
front-ends and untrusted parties.

Thanks that what it seemed like. But one of the issues I’m having with using the public endpoint is that it doesn’t seem to allow all the same fields to be populated as the secured API. For example passing the given_name and family_name fields.