Is it possible to programmatically create users?

I have an sso service I would like to integrate that does not support Oauth 2. Is it possible that I can authenticate with this service and then create a corresponding user in Auth0?

Hey there @jarrett.croll!

While I can’t speak to your use case specifically, Auth0 does provide 2 APIS to create users: The Authentication API and Management API. It really depends on your specific implementation as to which may work better for you. Please see below for another community topic that sheds some light on the differences between the 2.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @tyf , thanks for getting back to me. Can you confirm the /api/v2/users endpoint works and link to the documentation for me?

@tyf I believe I have found the docs (not easy!) thank you I will give a try

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Hey @jarrett.croll thanks for sharing and! Just out of curiosity, does the link from the other community post I shared not work for you?

FWIW - This topic is also helpful in sort of outlining from a high level what the Management API is good for/how it might be used.:


@tyf I see the source of the confusion. The link loads up your docs and the first page is “Introduction to our Docs” then five seconds later it redirects to the create user api endpoint docs. So at first it does not seem like the right link but if you wait it ends up being the correct link. Not a good UX!

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Gotcha! You’re correct in that there is a bit of a delay there. Thanks for clarifying and for the feedback, it’s always much appreciated :slight_smile:

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