Best Way To Create User Management Portal


In the past I have used Auth0 for simple programs where users can create themselves and use the application. I am currently making a program (in .net core) where only administrators can create users on a user management portal. What is the most straightforward way to do this? Is there an example of a similar program using auth0?


Hey there!

I would like to provide you with an easy and straightforward answer to this but unfortunately there isn’t one as it’s not a basic implementation but rather a complex one. So first things first:

  1. I researched our content and unfortunately we don’t have anything on building such portal
  2. I guess it comes from the fact that this is always a very personalised service and each customer implementing that will have different requirements.
  3. The way I would go about it is to use following stack combination:
  • Either building the UI yourself and then pairing it with our Management and Authentication API:

  • Or using our .NET SDK

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