ASP.NET Core MVC user management

I’m looking to implement a registration/signin flow as well as some basic user profile management. I’ve done this before using ASPNET Identity (with both local username/passwords and external accounts). But I’m unsure how to do something similar with Auth0.

I’ve followed the quick-start here and have authentication working. What I’m struggling with is how to implement a registration process similar to what the ASPNET Identity examples use. I’d also like to capture additional user details and store them in my application (e.g., subscription tier). Is it possible to use the user management functionality in ASPNET Identity or is this something I need to fully manage myself using an application database? Is there another, better alternative? Are there any examples I can use as reference?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @HighSpeed,

Have you seen our doc on

There are several ways to gather additional user info on signup. You can create your own custom signup form, or integrate with one of Auth0’s hosted signup pages.

Let me know if you have specific questions.

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