Disable signups not functioning as expected

I have an application that leverages a Username-Password database connection. I have some custom onboarding logic, so I want to disable the “Sign up” options that appear on the Auth0 default login screen.

I was able to find the “Disable public signups” on the settings for this connection, which explicitly states “You will still be able to create users with your API credentials or from the dashboard.”.

This unfortunately is not the case, because upon hitting the POST /dbconnections/signup endpoint I get back an error that says the user could not be created due to public sign ups being disabled.

This is a bit maddening. Any help is appreciated.

Hey there @ej.rudy, welcome to the community!

The setting you referenced refers to public signups which is related to the /dbconnections/signup as you’ve experienced. You should still be able to create users in your Auth0 dashboard and/or Management API’s create user endpoint.

Some more information on the difference here:

Hope this helps to clarify!

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