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Is there a way to setup an signup success message in New universal Login as we have in classic?

Thanks in advance


Can you post a screenshot of the message you are referring to?

I haven’t got anyone, When I sign up, directly send me to the pages, without a successful message… What is a little bit confusing to our clients. Has the same behavior as log in form.

When I sign up with classic UL it directs me straight to the application. I don’t see a success message.

Can you please post a screenshot of the success message from classic UL that you referred to in your original post?

Ok, maybe is my mistake, I use New universal Login, so the question is, is there any option to show a success message after signup? if no, is a limitation of Auth0?


There is no built in UI (I can’t find the one you are referring to) to show a successful signup message. You could certainly implement this in your application and show it after a successful signup, but you will need to build it.

You can always create a Feature Request.

Thanks, so we going to find a way to show this message from de app.



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Sounds good. Let me know if you have any questions.

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