New way to go directly to signup from PHP?

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Which SDK this is regarding: auth0-php
SDK Version: 7.9.2
Platform Version: PHP 8

I’ve been using this line to send a user to the signup and not the login:
$auth0->login(null, null, array( "screen_hint" => "signup" ));

But this has stopped working and sends the user to login regardless. Have anything changed? Are there an alternative way of sending a user to signup?

Hi @john-olav,

Welcome back!

Have you changed your Universal Login (UL) configuration recently? This method (screen_hint) only works with New UL, and will not work if you have customized the login page, turning on Classic UL.

If you can confirm you are using New UL, can you please also inspect the request and confirm that the screen_hint param is making it as part of the request?