Go directly to signup from PHP?

I’ve gone through the quick-start for using Auth0-php, and it’s working fine.

I would however like to provide a link to the user so that he can go directly to “signup” and not to login.
Is there a signup() equivalent to $auth0->login()?

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Hi @john-olav,

Take a look at this FAQ:


Yes, I appears that I can send it in as a parameter to the login() function in Auth0.php
This is working:

$auth0->login(null, null, array( "screen_hint" => "signup" ));
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Great, thanks for posting an update!

Hey @john-olav :wave: I’m the PHP SDKs developer here at Auth0. Just wanted to drop and in say sorry for the confusion, and thanks for raising this. If I were just coming to the SDK for the first time, I’d certainly have expected to see a method like that, too. I’ll be including an Auth0::signup() convenience method in the upcoming SDK 8.0 release to address this gap, so others don’t run into this confusion point, too.


Thanks for the follow-up @evansims !

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