Sign in with apple missing App name: shows null instead of app name

I am working on a xamarin application.
I am trying to Sign in with Apple using Auth0 .
But the permission message shows my app name as null

This is the permission message.

Create an account for null using your Apple ID “

-I am not getting this issue during development but while testing in real time devices, i am facing this issue.

Can anyone help me solving this issue.

Thank you

Hey there!

Can you share with us what quickstart or doc from ours have you followed to achieve that? Thanks!

Similar to the process given here:

using Auth0.OidcClient

I was rather asking about the Sign In With Apple part. What doc / quickstart have you used for that?

We have followed a similar approach:

Could you please update me on this

But it’s not the Sign In With Apple doc / quickstart that I’m constantly asking you about :slight_smile: It’s general Xamarin SDK quickstart. Haven’t you used any of those?

I’m asking about more detail-oriented sign in with apple docs not xamarin general related. I’m asking this cause I don’t know where actually you find the Sign In With Apple parts in Xamarin quickstart (that’s the main reason)

I switched to below approach but in Xamarin to achieve apple sign in.

But i am not able to get the exchange token from Auth0 after getting the Authorization token from Apple.
Followed below links for the same:

i am getting this below error in response:
{“error”:“invalid_grant”,“error_description”:“Invalid authorization code”}

Could anyone help me to resolve this issue.

Thank you

I face same issue app name is null, everything else is correct like App icon.

Seems this issue was fixed by Apple with iOS 13.6.1

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That’s really good news!

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