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We are setting up the Universal Login on our iOS app ( and we would like to be able to point to either the sign up or login screen of the page, depending on what button the user taps in our app. Currently, it seems to default to login.
We couldn’t find any reference to that in the documentation, is such feature available?


:wave: @etienne.leblan I believe you should be able to utilize the initialScreen config option and create the logic to pass either $0.initialScreen = .Login or $0.initialScreen = .Signup option depending on the button pressed.


Hi Kim, we followed the guidelines from the guide mentioned in my first message and there is no initialScreen option available, see screenshot attached. Note that we are implementing the Universal Login in an iOS app, but not the native SDK.



I apologize for added the confusion! I didn’t notice the link and assumed you were using the Swift toolkit. So we won’t be able to pass the initialScreen option like that. Are you using Hosted Pages? There is an option within there for specifying theinitial screen, but I will need to verify if we can pass this option depending on the button the user clicks in your application.