Separating signup and login on iOS client

I have an iOS app where I would like to have a “Signup” button and a “Login” button, each of which launches an Auth0 interface. In Universal Login, both signup and login tabs appear on the same page. We’re worried that this is confusing; account creation should be a separate concern.

At first I thought that we could at least have one of the tabs selected using parameters, but it appears this isn’t working. I filed an issue here:

But even this wouldn’t be ideal. What’s the recommended way of handling this?

Looking at this post from May:

It appears that the only way to separate these concerns is to use the legacy Lock SDK? This doesn’t sound ideal either.

Hey there!

I saw that you are already in conversation with Rita so maybe she will be able to share with you any workaround available cause as you shared the post from May it involves legacy SDK. While you wait for her answer you can still advocate for that by creating a feedback card using our Feedback category here:

@konrad.sopala Thanks for the reply. Rita kindly helped me figure out my problem. I gave feedback in that issue that the UI for selecting the New Universal Login is confusing. Even though it appears selected, and the classic login appears deselected, the classic login is actually being used if the customize login page switch on the next tab is on.

I’m not a designer, so all I can say is that I was confused and wasted my own time and yours, but it seems that the switch shouldn’t even be available unless you select the classic login.

Sorry for the inconvenience and really appreciate your feedback!

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