How to redirect user to hosted signup page?


I wonder how can I redirect user to hosted signup page ( I know It’s same as login page but signup tab should be shown insted of login ) ?

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To open the sign up page in Lock you can use the [initialScreen] (Lock Configuration Options) configuration option. To send values into the hosted login page, you can send a query string parameter. In your application you would send:

  mode: 'signUp'

In the hosted login page, you’ll then just need to add the initialScreen attribute in the Auth0Lock initialization code as:

var lock = new Auth0Lock(config.clientID, config.auth0Domain, {
  initialScreen: config.extraParams.mode,

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Hey @ricardo.batista we need to open SignUp and Login at will on the hosted page (Universal Login). How can we do that? I haven’t found any hint in auth0 docs.

Currently, we have it implemented this custom signup/login using embed lock pretty easily and it’s working fine.


I would like to know this as well especially from iOS/Swift

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@zatziky as Ricardo explained we can use config.extraParams to accomplish this in Universal Login and utilize the login_hint parameter for example. The config object contains the set of configuration values that adjusts the behavior of the login page at runtime. You can decode the config object in the login page editor so that you can access the config parameters to use in your page. There is a good explanation here on how to use it for setting SignUp/Login config for hosted login page - #2 by ricardo.batista can you share with me your authentication code and we can take a look if you are having trouble

@MrMatten are you using Lock for iOS? If so, then we can pass the configuration to the Lock initialization using withOptions

.withOptions {
  $0.initialScreen = .Login

or are you using the Auth0 SDK for iOS?

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I am using the SDK for iOS.

I saw the parameters for Web in the link you send, but couldn’t find the same for iOS.

Apologise for the delay in response… It was suggested internally that you might be able to pass this by doing:


where parameters takes in the initialScreen : value

Does that work for you?

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Updating this with and FAQ that covers both New and Classic UL: