After the user signup, how can I redirect user to login page?

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I am using the auth0 for authentication and authorization, I am using the custom universal login and signup, once the user is signup it is just showing the Thanks for signing up, but I want to redirect the user to the login page so that they can enter credentials manually.

Is there any parameter, I need to setup in the lock template?


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I appreciate your patience. I’ve checked your tenants’ configuration, and it looks like you are using embedded universal login, which we don’t recommend. I’ve tried to check sign in flow, and the usual browser behavior is that users are automatically logged in after signing up. I would highly appreciate it if you could provide me a screenshot of the “Thanks for signing up message” or a HAR file (how to generate HAR file) and send it to me via DM.

As an answer to your question, you can force the login screen by calling URL/authorize with the prompt=login parameter.
&scope=openid profile
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