Shiny Auth0 /reports link callback

Hi there,

Shiny Auth0 always callback to ( Is there a way to make it callback to only? we tried with the index.js on node js but without success.

You need to somehow mix the proxying we have on routes/reports.js and the routing on routes/index.js, i haven’t done such a thing on Node so i’d be lying if i proposed a solution, but i know it’s not impossible.

This may be useful for you to understand, when a user goes into /reports, the directive on app.js that says:

app.use('/reports/', reports);

Kicks off the code on routes/reports.js, if any other url comes, it’ll be handled by

app.use('/', routes);

Which kicks off the code in routes/index.js. So i expect a solution to your issue would be to delete the /reports/ line from app.js, and make sure routes/index.js also proxies reports, but it may prove difficult to mix both codes, i’m not sure. Also in case you don’t have control over it, take into account, like this you can’t have reports named /login or /callback, as those will need to be handled by the proxy for authentication.

Have a nice day!

Thanks for taking the time Pablo, your input is appreciated as always!
I think we already tried these without success. It must be more complicated than that.