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Multiple Allowed CallBack Url's

Im using Auth0, where i have been successful in setting up a callback url.

Eg: is my auth url , after a validation it successfully redirects to the

Allowed Callback Url :

Now i want to add another Callback Url :

However in the App setting menu says "After the user authenticates we will only call back to any of these URLs. You can specify multiple valid URLs by comma-separating them (typically to handle different environments like QA or testing). "

But I have no idea what we should enter in the" .env " setting where the domain and shiny Auth0 is setup.

I tried adding a Callback url using " , " in the .env space but it wont work (gives url mismatch error).

PS: I tried setting up a separate shiny auth0 folder but it turns out that nginx is running node on port 3000 and this runs from the shiny auth0 folder only, thereby restricting to run for any one subdomain.

Could you please attach error screenshot. That would help in diagnosing error in detail.

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