Sharepoint requestUri, auth0.js, and wsfed

I’m trying to use auth0.js (without lock, custom ui) to authenticate to Sharepoint (with the typical Auth0 federated setup), and my callback to just ends up taking me to auth0 and lock.

Authentication to Auth0 works, but how do I handle the federation with Sharepoint? With lock, there are parameters in the config, but I don’t see anything with auth0.js (I’m probably missing something). Apologies for using the same thread, I can start a new one if need be.


Hi again @clint.lechner!

Can you share what version of Sharepoint you are currently using? Thanks!

Well… here’s where I tell you it’s 2013 (it is in prod).

The setup itself is simple and straight-forward. You will note that it’s ultimately just a classic/universal login with the wsfed parameter set. You can easily use lock.js and customize it exactly like anything else (which is where I was using connectionResolver).

However, I’m not sure how to emulate that using Auth0.js, since I need it to be a little more customized. I can login just fine (logs show success), I just don’t know how to redirect back to SharePoint appropriately. If this was lock, I would just say don’t redirect, build the proper authorize link, then redirecrt, and it would silently federated and redirect on to my app/SharePoint site. I can’t seem to emulate that flow with auth0.js.

I realize this is a little bit non-standard… but I really just want to login to SharePoint using an embedded login/Auth0.Js that I can freely customize. Everything is exactly like your directions… So the setup is vanilla.

To follow up on this point, can you do a HAR file capture of the current workflow so we can pinpoint where the breakdown is exactly?After doing so, please direct message it over to me with the tenant name as well. Thanks!

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