Custom domain with Auth0JS login issue

my application is SharePoint site with Auth0JS / Javascript login.
Recently updated with custom domain, re-ran the SharePoint scripts to configure with new domain. Still on login it is redirecting to old login page ( instead of

Also confused which client id to use? SharePoint scripts are used from SharePoint Auth0 SSO integrations. But for Auth0 JS login, using Regular Web Application’s Client Id.
if I use SSO’s client Id then getting request error {“crossDomain”:true,“method”:“POST”,“url”:“”}.

If I use regular web application’s client id then it is redirecting to for login

Any thoughts?


found the issue. Initially I ran SharePoint scripts with auth0 domain few weeks back and it created login file in bellow folder with {clinetid}.aspx
After that, i removed by disabling auth0 and ran the Auth0’s SharePoint scripts again with custom domain. But the script is ignoring file {clinetid}.aspx if already exist. and This file contains domain name. so updated this with my custom domain.

C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\IDENTITYMODEL\LOGIN

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