Migrate auth0 lock.js library from 9.1.4 to 11 (wsfed)

We implemented auth0 login using 9.1.4. My environment is SharePoint. used protocol: ‘wsfed’. Now I want to migrate version to 11. lot changes happen from v9 to v11.

Can you please help what changes need to be do. Attached my show method implementation screen shot.

Hi @sivasankark.ds,

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What library are you referring to?

Hi @dan.woda,
Thanks for your reply.
Sorry, I was not clear about library. We are using lock.js (version - 9.1.4). Now we want to use v11.

Please suggest what kind of changes need to perform. screen shot show method has different attributes callbackURL, closable, etc. All these are valid in v11.

Can you please tell me best way to move from v9 to v11. What kind of changes we may need to do.


Hi Dan Woda,
earlier we downloaded lock.js (version 9.1.4) at the time of implementation and included in my project. Based on documentation we implemented fb and google logins. Now due to some security recommendations we want to use new version. So, I downloaded version 11 and replaced lock.js. But functionality was not working. May be because of changes in properties etc.
Can you please tell us best ways to use new version with minimal changes.

Did you look at the document I linked above?

Hi Dan Woda,
Yes, I saw this documentation earlier. But can you please guide me how I can look for ‘wsfed’ protocol implementation using v11. Requesting help for any implementation code examples. Thanks for your response Dan.

Are you running into an issue passing the wsfed protocol?

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