Auth.js 8.0 vs 9.0 totally confused

The Auth0 documentation is very confusion. I find myself going around in circles all the time. This is really frustrating because what is written is written very clearly. It’s just you get to a point in the documentation and find you can’t go any further. This happens continually.
Right now I am confused about authjs v8.0 vs v9.0 and Lock 10 vs Lock 11.
If I go to the Hosted Pages tab of the dashboard and choose Login, there is an alert message near the top of that page:

Heads up! Lock v11 and Auth0.js v9 are not meant to be used in the hosted login page. If you are customizing the login page, make sure to use the v10 major version of Lock and/or the v8 major version of Auth0.js.
How could you change the version of Auth.js or Lock when you are using the Hosted Login Page?

You can customise which version of Lock or Auth0.js you use in the hosted login page by modifying the versionn the script element’s src attribute accordingly:

  <script src=""></script>


  <script src=""></script>

Also, the hosted login page now supports Lock 11 and Auth0.js v9, so you should use those instead of 10 and v8.