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Should I use auth0.js or Lock?



I setup my Angular 2 project with Auth0 a while ago, and the Quickstart documentation had me set everything up with Lock. I don’t recall any mention of auth0.js at that time, but maybe I am just forgetting. I took a look at the docs today (following this path: Quickstarts > Single Page App > Angular 2+ > Getting Started) and I no longer see any mention of Lock. Now it instructs you to set things up with auth0.js.

Now I am wondering if I need to stop using Lock and follow this documentation instead. What is the difference between Lock and auth0.js? Is auth0.js simply more customizable? Is auth0.js better to use with Angular 2+ than Lock? Why change the docs to follow auth0.js instead of Lock?


Using Lock or Auth0.js depends on your needs.

It is true that Auth0.js is more customizable since you can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but Lock have many advantages as well. I think you need to check this doc to make your decision: