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Newbie Confusion About Lock vs Auth0.js


Please excuse my newness and confusion. So I have a SPA (Angular 6) and I followed the quick start and I got that to work. So now I want to sign up a new user using the sign up tab on the nice login modal they give you, but I want a separate link for that so the user simply click the sign up link and they either choose Facebook, google or password authentication. So I figured I could use the sign up method. Well that just seems to take a user name/password option (I want the person to be able to sign up using facebook or google if they choose). So my question are?

  1. What is the difference between Lock and the Auth0.js? Do you need both? Or is lock more full featured, and I use that instead of Auth0.js
  2. Can I make Auth0.js default to the sign up tab when you try to sign on. Can I hide the log in tab? I know the user want to sign up, no need to show them the other tab.
  3. Is there a quick start for lock?

I realize I need to read all the documentation, but it seems overwhelming to do some of the basic stuff I assume everyone is trying to do. I will make that effort, but I thought someone could clarify this for me.


Did find this Using Lock With auth0.js :