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Setup instructions used to be customized, now it's all just generic placeholders

As the title states, i used to be able to get customized setup instructions spit out after i created an enterprise connection (ADFS, Azure AD, SAMLP, etc).

Example: in the Connect your app to ADFS doc, the “Realm Identifier” and “Endpoint” values held my actual account info and domain name, instead of the sanitized placeholder data.

When did this change? Is there any way to generate a customized version of this data still?

Hey there @phatch, let me look into this and I will see what I can find out. Thanks!

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I wanted to follow up after taking a look at your example. After i logged into the docs it did have explicit details relating to my tenant for the example of the “Realm Identifier” and “Endpoint” values. When you get a chance can you verify you have successfully logged in? Thanks in advance!

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I just checked, and for some reason it was not logging me into the documents page, which was causing the issue as you described.

after logging in and trying again, the page shows the specific tenant values that i’m used to seeing. thanks for the assist.

No problem @phatch, I’m glad we were able to get everything handled. Please let us know in the future if you have any additional questions!

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