Get IdP for Home Realm Domain


I have an Angular App that will get several Identity Providers and I would like to get the correct ones that are connected to a Home Realm. So my preferred flow would be to have an input, where a user could insert its mail adress and on a second popup select the connection that is applicable.

As of my understanding it may be possible, if I would use the classic login and make some customizations. Does anyone have some suggestions for me, as I am a bit lost right now?

Hello there @Alex.Ja and welcome to the community!

Auth0 doesn’t provide any sort of option to present a choice when multiple connections are available, so this would definitely need to be some sort of custom implementation.

Out of curiosity, what is the use case? Why would a user have multiple federated credentials?

Let us know - The more detail the better!

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Hi @tyf,
thanks alot for your reply.

I will use a custom implementation and ask the Management API first to get all connections for a given domain.

My use-case is that I have an App that will have different tenants behind each connection. So a user may have access to three different connections which each will result a different tenant. And I do not want to display all connections to a all users.
Is this understandable?

Sorry just getting back around to this!

That seems to make sense, I appreciate the explanation. I’d be curious to know how this works out for you if you’d like to share with the rest of the community.


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