Setting callback URLs for mobile app

Problem statement

At different places and documentations, if an iOS native app is going to install Auth0 SDK, it is mentioned that the callback URL should follow this format:


If my application has an existing custom scheme, for example, “myApp://”, can I put myApp://YOUR_DOMAIN/ios/YOUR_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER/callback instead? The reason I asked this is that I’m looking to see if there is a solution to avoid creating new custom schemes.


It is possible to configure the callback URL in the scheme you proposed from the Auth0 side. And there isn’t an obligation to follow the pattern we have documented in our samples, so once the user is logged in, we will send the code back to the configured callback URL.

I expect the proposed callback URL to work, but I would test it. If it doesn’t work, that should be caused by a limitation of iOS itself in associating the app to pick up the response when we send the answer to this callback URL.