Set rules for logout


I currently can trigger rules if a user logs in or signs up via the rules on the dashboard.

How can I do so for logouts?


Hi @jason10,

There isn’t currently a logout hook/rule.

You will have to set this up yourself, using your logs.

You can do this with log streaming. For example, you can stream your logs to AWS eventbridge, and trigger a lambda function that will do whatever you like. You can use this same theory to create a webhook from any action that creates a log in auth0.

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the reply, this is as I feared.

I don’t know about anyone else but I would prefer the logs to export not in folders but simply in an array - is this possible?

Also, the logs don’t send session ID do they? Or is there a way to include it?

Thanks, this worked.

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Great! I also sent you a DM about for some follow up.

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