Does logout webhook exist?

Does application support webhooks?
I’m implementing auth0 into magento2. And I’d like to disconnect user from magento2 (disconnect magento internal customer) once it disconnected in auth0. It’s very resource intensive to knock every time to auth0 to check connection. I’m wondering if there is some way to put magento’s webhook somewhere in auth0 to let it notify magento if customer was logged out.

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The best option will be the Authentication API Webhooks Extenstion. You can setup a success logout hook.

Does this address you concern?


Hi @dan.woda

Thanks for your response. Please clarify following:

  • Schedule : The frequency with which the job runs

For me it’s not clear. As I see when some action (customer is logging out) happens it should call the webhook immediately. What does schedule mean?


This extension is polling the logs for an event. The logs will be polled on the schedule that you set.

There is no immediate hook for a successful logout event from this extension. The easiest way to do that currently is to export the logs and set up your own scripts to poll the exported logs.

This is something we are working on, but I have no date or information on when it will be released.

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Thank you for the response! Good luck in development. You are building very useful service!

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Thank you for the kind words!

Do I understand it right, that currently there is no way in which Auth0 immediately notifies one application once the user logins/logouts from another?

Hello @manko.petr96,

I believe that is correct. If you are using single sign-on between two apps A and B, if the user logs out of A, there is no message that goes to B to let it know the user logged out. In general, in a token based architecture, once the token is issued, it is considered legitimate until it expires. If you log out of A, B will still honour the token.

It is not always clear what logout even means. E.g., if I log into A with Google social login, unless I log out of Google itself, I am never really logged out of A. Details at the link below:



Setting up a login hook would be possible via a rule.

You are correct in saying that there is currently no logout webhook.

As I mentioned above, you can get this data by exporting logs via an extension and looking for a successful logout event. So it is possible, but not a standard feature atm (like a registration hook).

Do you have a specific example of what you would like to accomplish that logout does not? We can try to work through a solution or at least provide some feedback to the team.

Thanks for adding some useful information @markd!

Hope this helps clarify,

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