Set Custom Text Prompt api working for login but not for reset-password screen


** Issue 1*

I need to change the text that appears in reset-password screen.

My Screen Looks like this:

I want to replace “username” with “email” in both description and placeholder

I can easily change the text on “login” screen by management api v2
The options I set are:

  • Prompt: login
  • language: en
  • body: {"login":{"usernamePlaceholder":"Username", "wrong-email-credentials": "Wrong username or password"}}
    With the above settings I get 200 response and text gets changed successfully. All good here!

Similarly, for reset-password screen, options I set are:

  • Prompt: reset-password
  • language: en
  • body: {"reset-password":{"placeholderUsername":"Email"}}

The response I get is:

  "statusCode": 400,
  "error": "Bad Request",
  "message": "Invalid key \"placeholderUsername\" in screen \"reset-password\".",
  "errorCode": "invalid_body"

It appears so simple yet I cannot get it done!
What mistake am I making here ?

** Issue2*

As in the screenshot above, I am seeing “username” in placeholder and description. However, the default is “Email”. How did it get changed? Moreover, keys for both email and username are there in the documentation for reset-password

How does it get decided whether username key will get precedence or the email key ?

Thanks in advance :blush: !

Hi @hamza ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

To update the reset-password screen, the text prompt should be reset-password-request instead of reset-password. Here are sample body scripts:

        "descriptionEmail": "please enter your email and we will send you instructions to reset your password",
        "placeholderEmail": "Email"


For the 2nd issue, if I understand correctly, you want to know how to request users to enter their email instead of the username on the forgot password page. I did some testing and noticed that if the database connection settings have Require Username enabled, the “Forgot Password” page will request the user’s username. Otherwise, it will require the user’s email.

Hopefully, the above details helps!

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