Sending transactional sms (eg OTP) to unverified mobile numbers

Our application currently sends login OTP (and potentially other transactional sms) to mobile numbers without it being verified. I was told (by someone in my team) that Auth0 does not support this.

Does Auth0 prevent transactional sms such as a login OTP to a number that is flagged as unverified in Auth0?

Hi @kel ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community and sorry about the late reply!

This article explains Auth0 Passwordless Authentication with SMS.

If you have set up Auth0 Passwordless SMS authentication using Twilio, and if the phone number is in a valid format such as +15555555555, the user should be able to receive the OTP on the phone. I tested this by updating the phone_verified: false of the Auth0 user with an SMS connection and started passwordless flow with SMS and received the OTP successfully.

Hope this helps!

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