Not able to get verification otp/sms when sending "verify_phone_number": true

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Hi, I am trying update the user’s phone_number through update user management API PATCH /api/v2/users/{id} and sending the following body
“phone_number”: “+918888888888”,
“verify_phone_number”: true
The phone number is getting updated successfully as expected,
But I was expecting a verification code/otp/sms which I am not getting.
The reason I was expecting the code/sms/otp is that , when we update an email and send “verify_email”:true, we get a verification mail to the provided email, I was expecting the same behaviour for phone update.
Can anyone help on this OR provide a way to handle phone verification using Auth0 Forms
Note: I have configured Twilio
Note: I am using a custom angular code to do self serve.