Passwordless auth: Custom sms provider with twilio verify

More then a year we used passwordless auth with twilio, everything was good. But now because of this it stopped working, so we want to move to the twilio verify. From the docs it’s not very clear how to do Set Up Custom SMS Gateway for Passwordless Connections

Also I saw this and if this answer still true (no Basic auth support from the auth0) Custom sms provider then I guess it’s not possible to do using custom sms provider. Is there any suggestions or options?


What did you end up doing for your use case here? We have a similiar issue as it seem twilio verify does not integrate well with auth 0

Personal recommendation: After using more then 2 years I can say that it’s not worth to use Auth0 as a authentication provider, it’s better to spent bit more time and use your frameworks library. Over time you will have lot’s of headaches and less control with auth0.

As a solution this worked for me:

I used connection api to proxy sign in code to my backend and then manually sending that code to the users phone number using twilio verify api.

    "options": {
      "strategy": "sms",
      "provider": "sms_gateway",
      "gateway_url": "<MY-DOMAIN>/your/sms-verification/api",
      "from": "<FROM_PHONE_NUMBER>",
      "template": "Your <APP_NAME> verification code is: @@password@@",
      "brute_force_protection": true,
      "forward_req_info": "true",
      "disable_signup": false,
      "name": "sms",
      "syntax": "md_with_macros",
      "totp": {
        "time_step": 300,
        "length": 4
    "is_domain_connection": false,
    "enabled_clients": [

after this every time someone sign-ins your backend will receive POST request from auth0 which contains sms text inside json body, ex. “Your AppName verification code is: 1234”, you can extract code from the text and send it using twilio verify api or other sms service.

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Thanks. This helps alot. I’ve been feeling the same way about whether to continue using auth 0 or not given its only been headaches since implementing.