WhatsApp OTP integration

Problem statement

From our observation, it seems like Auth0 has WhatsApp as a Passwordless integration, but I wanted to know if we can get instructions or guidance on how to custom integrate it.

For example:
How can we generate an auth token programmatically to be passed for authentication?
How can we get the user token without using only the passwordless authentications provided by Auth0?

We noticed that Twilio already has the feature implemented Verify WhatsApp Overview | Twilio, and since we have the application integrated, we think we can come up with a way to put them together.


Unfortunately, It’s not possible by design, as you have noticed. Our Engineering team has this idea in the backlog, however, there’s no ETA.

One workaround we recommend is to use use the Custom SMS Gateway. In other words, you will need to create a Gateway at your server, initiate the SMS from Auth0, process the request at your end, and leverage the Whatsapp APIs to send the messages to your customers.