Sending plain text emails?

Corporate spam filters are super aggressive. We’re unable to be in touch with some clients cause they can’t password reset and we can’t get mails sent to them (our SMTP has these emails in our sent folder).
I’ve tried to change to plaintext (as I figure spam filters will be kinder) but linebreaks don’t work and a meta tag still claims it is text/html. I think its still sending it as HTML. Is there any way of sending plaintext?

Also the button TRY when messing around with the email appears to also SAVE. That is not very clear and I had no idea I might be impacting production while testing changes.

Hi Simon,

I don’t know the answer to your question, but getting past SPAM filters is challenging. I’m not sure that switching to plaintext will make a difference. There are many factors to consider here:

  • DKIM
  • SPF
  • The reputation of the sending host
  • The content of the message
  • RBLs
    and more than I cannot think of.

Because of these, making stabs in the dark will be a frustrating experience unless you are lucky.

Can you work with one of your corporate customers to find out what is going on? If the e-mail ends up in a SPAM folder, the e-mail may have a header explaining why and that would be helpful. If the e-mail is bounced back, that should have info as well. If the e-mail is silently dropped (which is very draconian) you will have to speak to the tech team at the recieving host to find out why.


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