Send User Object Attributes to Zapier

All, I’m attempting to send the Context and User object data to Zapier using a Rule I created. Attached is the Rule I created in Auth0 to send the data. I created a webhook in Zapier to receive the data, however I’m only receiving the data associated with the Context object, not the User object. Is there something different I should be doing in the Rule attached?


Rule.pdf (70.1 KB)

Hey there @dustinellis111!

Let me try to investigate this! It’s a bit awkward as rules are run only at successful login and you’re able to retrieve context object. I’ll dive into it and get back to you once I find something!

Based on the document you attached everything seems to be fine. Can you confirm whether you’re still not getting the properties values of user object?

Hi Konrad,

Thanks for your response. I setup the webhook in Zapier however it appears only the Context data is being pulled in still. When I select the data from the Zapier UI, it’s only receiving the Context data. Attached is a list of the current variables that are being passed; is there anything else I could try?

Variables.pdf (61.3 KB)

I was wondering whether there isn’t some blocker on the Zapier side asa you’re able to retrieve Context object successfully you’re also handling user object retrieval the right way. Can you test it without using Zapier with some sample app with console logs to see whether it’s working?

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my last message?